Class AbstractBulkByScrollRequestBuilder<Request extends AbstractBulkByScrollRequest<Request>,​Self extends AbstractBulkByScrollRequestBuilder<Request,​Self>>

    • Method Detail

      • self

        protected abstract Self self()
      • source

        public Self source​(java.lang.String... indices)
        Set the source indices.
      • filter

        public Self filter​(QueryBuilder filter)
        Set the query that will filter the source. Just a convenience method for easy chaining.
      • size

        public Self size​(int size)
        The maximum number of documents to attempt.
      • abortOnVersionConflict

        public Self abortOnVersionConflict​(boolean abortOnVersionConflict)
        Set whether or not version conflicts cause the action to abort.
      • refresh

        public Self refresh​(boolean refresh)
        Call refresh on the indexes we've written to after the request ends?
      • timeout

        public Self timeout​(TimeValue timeout)
        Timeout to wait for the shards on to be available for each bulk request.
      • setRetryBackoffInitialTime

        public Self setRetryBackoffInitialTime​(TimeValue retryBackoffInitialTime)
        Initial delay after a rejection before retrying a bulk request. With the default maxRetries the total backoff for retrying rejections is about one minute per bulk request. Once the entire bulk request is successful the retry counter resets.
      • setMaxRetries

        public Self setMaxRetries​(int maxRetries)
        Total number of retries attempted for rejections. There is no way to ask for unlimited retries.
      • setRequestsPerSecond

        public Self setRequestsPerSecond​(float requestsPerSecond)
        Set the throttle for this request in sub-requests per second. Float.POSITIVE_INFINITY means set no throttle and that is the default. Throttling is done between batches, as we start the next scroll requests. That way we can increase the scroll's timeout to make sure that it contains any time that we might wait.
      • setShouldStoreResult

        public Self setShouldStoreResult​(boolean shouldStoreResult)
        Should this task store its result after it has finished?
      • setSlices

        public Self setSlices​(int slices)
        The number of slices this task should be divided into. Defaults to 1 meaning the task isn't sliced into subtasks.