Class CompletionFieldMapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<Mapper>, ToXContent, ToXContentFragment, ArrayValueMapperParser

public class CompletionFieldMapper
extends FieldMapper
implements ArrayValueMapperParser
Mapper for completion field. The field values are indexed as a weighted FST for fast auto-completion/search-as-you-type functionality.
Type properties:
  • "analyzer": "simple", (default)
  • "search_analyzer": "simple", (default)
  • "preserve_separators" : true, (default)
  • "preserve_position_increments" : true (default)
  • "min_input_length": 50 (default)
  • "contexts" : CONTEXTS
see ContextMappings.load(Object, Version) for CONTEXTS
see parse(ParseContext) for acceptable inputs for indexing

This field type constructs completion queries that are run against the weighted FST index by the CompletionSuggester. This field can also be extended to add search criteria to suggestions for query-time filtering and boosting (see ContextMappings