Class Pipeline


public final class Pipeline extends Object
A pipeline is a list of Processor instances grouped under a unique id.
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    • create

      public static Pipeline create(String id, Map<String,Object> config, Map<String,Processor.Factory> processorFactories, ScriptService scriptService) throws Exception
    • execute

      public void execute(IngestDocument ingestDocument, BiConsumer<IngestDocument,Exception> handler)
      Modifies the data of a document to be indexed based on the processor this pipeline holds If null is returned then this document will be dropped and not indexed, otherwise this document will be kept and indexed.
    • getId

      public String getId()
      The unique id of this pipeline
    • getDescription

      @Nullable public String getDescription()
      An optional description of what this pipeline is doing to the data gets processed by this pipeline.
    • getVersion

      @Nullable public Integer getVersion()
      An optional version stored with the pipeline so that it can be used to determine if the pipeline should be updated / replaced.
      null if not supplied.
    • getMetadata

      @Nullable public Map<String,Object> getMetadata()
    • getCompoundProcessor

      public CompoundProcessor getCompoundProcessor()
      Get the underlying CompoundProcessor containing the Pipeline's processors
    • getProcessors

      public List<Processor> getProcessors()
      Unmodifiable list containing each processor that operates on the data.
    • getOnFailureProcessors

      public List<Processor> getOnFailureProcessors()
      Unmodifiable list containing each on_failure processor that operates on the data in case of exception thrown in pipeline processors
    • flattenAllProcessors

      public List<Processor> flattenAllProcessors()
      Flattens the normal and on failure processors into a single list. The original order is lost. This can be useful for pipeline validation purposes.
    • getMetrics

      public org.elasticsearch.ingest.IngestMetric getMetrics()
      The metrics associated with this pipeline.