Interface Processor

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractProcessor, CompoundProcessor, ConditionalProcessor, DropProcessor, PipelineProcessor, TrackingResultProcessor

public interface Processor
A processor implementation may modify the data belonging to a document. Whether changes are made and what exactly is modified is up to the implementation. Processors may get called concurrently and thus need to be thread-safe.
  • Method Details

    • execute

      default void execute(IngestDocument ingestDocument, BiConsumer<IngestDocument,Exception> handler)
      Introspect and potentially modify the incoming data. Expert method: only override this method if a processor implementation needs to make an asynchronous call, otherwise just overwrite execute(IngestDocument).
    • execute

      IngestDocument execute(IngestDocument ingestDocument) throws Exception
      Introspect and potentially modify the incoming data.
      If null is returned then the current document will be dropped and not be indexed, otherwise this document will be kept and indexed
    • getType

      String getType()
      Gets the type of a processor
    • getTag

      String getTag()
      Gets the tag of a processor.
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
      Gets the description of a processor.