Class TermSuggestionBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:
NamedWriteable, Writeable, ToXContent, ToXContentFragment

public class TermSuggestionBuilder
extends SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>
Defines the actual suggest command. Each command uses the global options unless defined in the suggestion itself. All options are the same as the global options, but are only applicable for this suggestion.
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    • doWriteTo

      public void doWriteTo​(StreamOutput out) throws
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      doWriteTo in class SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>
    • suggestMode

      public TermSuggestionBuilder suggestMode​(TermSuggestionBuilder.SuggestMode suggestMode)
      The global suggest mode controls what suggested terms are included or controls for what suggest text tokens, terms should be suggested for. Three possible values can be specified:
      1. missing - Only suggest terms in the suggest text that aren't in the index. This is the default.
      2. popular - Only suggest terms that occur in more docs then the original suggest text term.
      3. always - Suggest any matching suggest terms based on tokens in the suggest text.
    • suggestMode

      public TermSuggestionBuilder.SuggestMode suggestMode()
      Get the suggest mode setting.
    • accuracy

      public TermSuggestionBuilder accuracy​(float accuracy)
      s how similar the suggested terms at least need to be compared to the original suggest text tokens. A value between 0 and 1 can be specified. This value will be compared to the string distance result of each candidate spelling correction.

      Default is 0.5

    • accuracy

      public float accuracy()
      Get the accuracy setting.
    • sort

      public TermSuggestionBuilder sort​(SortBy sort)
      Sets how to sort the suggest terms per suggest text token. Two possible values:
      1. score - Sort should first be based on score, then document frequency and then the term itself.
      2. frequency - Sort should first be based on document frequency, then score and then the term itself.

      What the score is depends on the suggester being used.

    • sort

      public SortBy sort()
      Get the sort setting.
    • stringDistance

      public TermSuggestionBuilder stringDistance​(TermSuggestionBuilder.StringDistanceImpl stringDistance)
      Sets what string distance implementation to use for comparing how similar suggested terms are. Five possible values can be specified:
      1. internal - This is the default and is based on damerau_levenshtein, but highly optimized for comparing string distance for terms inside the index.
      2. damerau_levenshtein - String distance algorithm based on Damerau-Levenshtein algorithm.
      3. levenshtein - String distance algorithm based on Levenshtein edit distance algorithm.
      4. jaro_winkler - String distance algorithm based on Jaro-Winkler algorithm.
      5. ngram - String distance algorithm based on character n-grams.
    • stringDistance

      Get the string distance implementation setting.
    • maxEdits

      public TermSuggestionBuilder maxEdits​(int maxEdits)
      Sets the maximum edit distance candidate suggestions can have in order to be considered as a suggestion. Can only be a value between 1 and 2. Any other value result in an bad request error being thrown. Defaults to 2.
    • maxEdits

      public int maxEdits()
      Get the maximum edit distance setting.
    • maxInspections

      public TermSuggestionBuilder maxInspections​(int maxInspections)
      A factor that is used to multiply with the size in order to inspect more candidate suggestions. Can improve accuracy at the cost of performance. Defaults to 5.
    • maxInspections

      public int maxInspections()
      Get the factor for inspecting more candidate suggestions setting.
    • maxTermFreq

      public TermSuggestionBuilder maxTermFreq​(float maxTermFreq)
      Sets a maximum threshold in number of documents a suggest text token can exist in order to be corrected. Can be a relative percentage number (e.g 0.4) or an absolute number to represent document frequencies. If an value higher than 1 is specified then fractional can not be specified. Defaults to 0.01.

      This can be used to exclude high frequency terms from being suggested. High frequency terms are usually spelled correctly on top of this this also improves the suggest performance.

    • maxTermFreq

      public float maxTermFreq()
      Get the maximum term frequency threshold setting.
    • prefixLength

      public TermSuggestionBuilder prefixLength​(int prefixLength)
      Sets the number of minimal prefix characters that must match in order be a candidate suggestion. Defaults to 1. Increasing this number improves suggest performance. Usually misspellings don't occur in the beginning of terms.
    • prefixLength

      public int prefixLength()
      Get the minimum prefix length that must match setting.
    • minWordLength

      public TermSuggestionBuilder minWordLength​(int minWordLength)
      The minimum length a suggest text term must have in order to be corrected. Defaults to 4.
    • minWordLength

      public int minWordLength()
      Get the minimum length of a text term to be corrected setting.
    • minDocFreq

      public TermSuggestionBuilder minDocFreq​(float minDocFreq)
      Sets a minimal threshold in number of documents a suggested term should appear in. This can be specified as an absolute number or as a relative percentage of number of documents. This can improve quality by only suggesting high frequency terms. Defaults to 0f and is not enabled. If a value higher than 1 is specified then the number cannot be fractional.
    • minDocFreq

      public float minDocFreq()
      Get the minimal threshold for the frequency of a term appearing in the document set setting.
    • innerToXContent

      public XContentBuilder innerToXContent​(XContentBuilder builder, ToXContent.Params params) throws
      Specified by:
      innerToXContent in class SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>
    • fromXContent

      public static TermSuggestionBuilder fromXContent​(XContentParser parser) throws
    • build

      public SuggestionSearchContext.SuggestionContext build​(QueryShardContext context) throws
      Specified by:
      build in class SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>
    • getWriteableName

      public java.lang.String getWriteableName()
      Description copied from interface: NamedWriteable
      Returns the name of the writeable object
    • doEquals

      protected boolean doEquals​(TermSuggestionBuilder other)
      Description copied from class: SuggestionBuilder
      Indicates whether some other SuggestionBuilder of the same type is "equal to" this one.
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      doEquals in class SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>
    • doHashCode

      protected int doHashCode()
      Description copied from class: SuggestionBuilder
      HashCode for the subclass of SuggestionBuilder to implement.
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      doHashCode in class SuggestionBuilder<TermSuggestionBuilder>