Class SearchHits

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Iterable<SearchHit>, Writeable, ToXContent, ToXContentFragment

public final class SearchHits
extends java.lang.Object
implements Writeable, ToXContentFragment, java.lang.Iterable<SearchHit>
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    • empty

      public static SearchHits empty()
    • empty

      public static SearchHits empty​(boolean withTotalHits)
    • writeTo

      public void writeTo​(StreamOutput out) throws
      Description copied from interface: Writeable
      Write this into the StreamOutput.
      Specified by:
      writeTo in interface Writeable
    • getTotalHits

      @Nullable public getTotalHits()
      The total number of hits for the query or null if the tracking of total hits is disabled in the request.
    • getMaxScore

      public float getMaxScore()
      The maximum score of this query.
    • getHits

      public SearchHit[] getHits()
      The hits of the search request (based on the search type, and from / size provided).
    • getAt

      public SearchHit getAt​(int position)
      Return the hit as the provided position.
    • getSortFields

      @Nullable public[] getSortFields()
      In case documents were sorted by field(s), returns information about such field(s), null otherwise
      See Also:
    • getCollapseField

      @Nullable public java.lang.String getCollapseField()
      In case field collapsing was performed, returns the field used for field collapsing, null otherwise
    • getCollapseValues

      @Nullable public java.lang.Object[] getCollapseValues()
      In case field collapsing was performed, returns the values of the field that field collapsing was performed on, null otherwise
    • iterator

      public java.util.Iterator<SearchHit> iterator()
      Specified by:
      iterator in interface java.lang.Iterable<SearchHit>
    • toXContent

      public XContentBuilder toXContent​(XContentBuilder builder, ToXContent.Params params) throws
      Specified by:
      toXContent in interface ToXContent
    • fromXContent

      public static SearchHits fromXContent​(XContentParser parser) throws
    • equals

      public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object obj)
      equals in class java.lang.Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class java.lang.Object
    • parseTotalHitsFragment

      public static parseTotalHitsFragment​(XContentParser parser) throws