Class SearchPlugin.SearchExtensionSpec<W extends NamedWriteable,​P>

Type Parameters:
W - the type of the main NamedWriteable for this spec. All specs have this but it isn't always *for* the same thing though, usually it is some sort of builder sent from the coordinating node to the data nodes executing the behavior
P - the type of the parser for this spec. The parser runs on the coordinating node, converting XContent into the behavior to execute
Direct Known Subclasses:
SearchPlugin.AggregationSpec, SearchPlugin.PipelineAggregationSpec, SearchPlugin.QuerySpec, SearchPlugin.RescorerSpec, SearchPlugin.ScoreFunctionSpec, SearchPlugin.SearchExtSpec, SearchPlugin.SignificanceHeuristicSpec, SearchPlugin.SuggesterSpec
Enclosing interface:

public static class SearchPlugin.SearchExtensionSpec<W extends NamedWriteable,​P>
extends java.lang.Object
Specification of search time behavior extension like a custom MovAvgModel or ScoreFunction.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getName

      public ParseField getName()
      The name of the thing being specified as a ParseField. This allows it to have deprecated names.
    • getReader

      public Writeable.Reader<? extends W> getReader()
      The reader responsible for reading the behavior from the internode protocol.
    • getParser

      public P getParser()
      The parser responsible for converting XContent into the behavior.