Class ScriptDocValues.Longs

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Iterable<java.lang.Long>, java.util.Collection<java.lang.Long>, java.util.List<java.lang.Long>
Enclosing class:

public static final class ScriptDocValues.Longs
extends ScriptDocValues<java.lang.Long>
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  • Field Summary

    Fields inherited from class java.util.AbstractList

  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    Longs​(org.apache.lucene.index.SortedNumericDocValues in)
    Standard constructor.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    java.lang.Long get​(int index)  
    long getValue()  
    protected void resize​(int newSize)
    Set the size() and ensure that the values array can store at least that many entries.
    void setNextDocId​(int docId)
    Set the current doc ID.
    int size()  

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  • Constructor Details

    • Longs

      public Longs​(org.apache.lucene.index.SortedNumericDocValues in)
      Standard constructor.
  • Method Details

    • setNextDocId

      public void setNextDocId​(int docId) throws
      Description copied from class: ScriptDocValues
      Set the current doc ID.
      Specified by:
      setNextDocId in class ScriptDocValues<java.lang.Long>
    • resize

      protected void resize​(int newSize)
      Set the size() and ensure that the values array can store at least that many entries.
    • getValue

      public long getValue()
    • get

      public java.lang.Long get​(int index)
      Specified by:
      get in interface java.util.List<java.lang.Long>
      Specified by:
      get in class java.util.AbstractList<java.lang.Long>
    • size

      public int size()
      Specified by:
      size in interface java.util.Collection<java.lang.Long>
      Specified by:
      size in interface java.util.List<java.lang.Long>
      Specified by:
      size in class java.util.AbstractCollection<java.lang.Long>