Class ClusterStateUpdateRequest<T extends ClusterStateUpdateRequest<T>>

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CreateIndexClusterStateUpdateRequest, IndicesAliasesClusterStateUpdateRequest, IndicesClusterStateUpdateRequest, UpgradeSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest

public abstract class ClusterStateUpdateRequest<T extends ClusterStateUpdateRequest<T>>
extends java.lang.Object
implements AckedRequest
Base class to be used when needing to update the cluster state Contains the basic fields that are always needed
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    TimeValue ackTimeout()
    Returns the maximum time interval to wait for acknowledgements
    T ackTimeout​(TimeValue ackTimeout)
    Sets the acknowledgement timeout
    TimeValue masterNodeTimeout()
    Returns the maximum time interval to wait for the request to be completed on the master node
    T masterNodeTimeout​(TimeValue masterNodeTimeout)
    Sets the master node timeout

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