Class SyncedFlushRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:
IndicesRequest, IndicesRequest.Replaceable, Writeable, TaskAwareRequest

public class SyncedFlushRequest
extends BroadcastRequest<SyncedFlushRequest>
A synced flush request to sync flush one or more indices. The synced flush process of an index performs a flush and writes the same sync id to primary and all copies.

Best created with Requests.syncedFlushRequest(String...).

See Also:
Requests.flushRequest(String...), IndicesAdminClient.syncedFlush(SyncedFlushRequest), SyncedFlushResponse
  • Constructor Details

    • SyncedFlushRequest

      public SyncedFlushRequest​(java.lang.String... indices)
      Constructs a new synced flush request against one or more indices. If nothing is provided, all indices will be sync flushed.
    • SyncedFlushRequest

      public SyncedFlushRequest​(StreamInput in) throws
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      public java.lang.String toString()
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