Class Aggregator

    • Constructor Detail

      • Aggregator

        public Aggregator()
    • Method Detail

      • descendsFromBucketAggregator

        public static boolean descendsFromBucketAggregator​(Aggregator parent)
        Returns whether one of the parents is a BucketsAggregator.
      • name

        public abstract java.lang.String name()
        Return the name of this aggregator.
      • parent

        public abstract Aggregator parent()
        Return the parent aggregator.
      • subAggregator

        public abstract Aggregator subAggregator​(java.lang.String name)
        Return the sub aggregator with the provided name.
      • buildAggregation

        public abstract InternalAggregation buildAggregation​(long bucket)
        Build an aggregation for data that has been collected into bucket.
      • buildEmptyAggregation

        public abstract InternalAggregation buildEmptyAggregation()
        Build an empty aggregation.