Class ElectionStrategy

    • Constructor Detail

      • ElectionStrategy

        protected ElectionStrategy()
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      • satisfiesAdditionalQuorumConstraints

        protected abstract boolean satisfiesAdditionalQuorumConstraints​(DiscoveryNode localNode,
                                                                        long localCurrentTerm,
                                                                        long localAcceptedTerm,
                                                                        long localAcceptedVersion,
                                                                        CoordinationMetaData.VotingConfiguration lastCommittedConfiguration,
                                                                        CoordinationMetaData.VotingConfiguration lastAcceptedConfiguration,
                                                                        CoordinationState.VoteCollection joinVotes)
        The extension point to be overridden by plugins. Defines additional constraints on the election quorum.
        localNode - the local node for the election quorum
        localCurrentTerm - the current term of the local node
        localAcceptedTerm - the last accepted term of the local node
        localAcceptedVersion - the last accepted version of the local node
        lastCommittedConfiguration - the last committed configuration for the election quorum
        lastAcceptedConfiguration - the last accepted configuration for the election quorum
        joinVotes - the votes that were provided so far
        true iff the additional quorum constraints are satisfied