Class TermVectorsRequestBuilder

    • Constructor Detail

      • TermVectorsRequestBuilder

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder​(ElasticsearchClient client,
                                         TermVectorsAction action,
                                         java.lang.String index,
                                         java.lang.String type,
                                         java.lang.String id)
        Constructs a new term vector request builder for a document that will be fetch from the provided index. Use index, type and id to specify the document to load.
    • Method Detail

      • setIndex

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setIndex​(java.lang.String index)
        Sets the index where the document is located.
      • setRouting

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setRouting​(java.lang.String routing)
        Sets the routing. Required if routing isn't id based.
      • setPreference

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setPreference​(java.lang.String preference)
        Sets the preference to execute the search. Defaults to randomize across shards. Can be set to _local to prefer local shards or a custom value, which guarantees that the same order will be used across different requests.
      • setOffsets

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setOffsets​(boolean offsets)
        Sets whether to return the start and stop offsets for each term if they were stored or skip offsets.
      • setPositions

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setPositions​(boolean positions)
        Sets whether to return the positions for each term if stored or skip.
      • setPayloads

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setPayloads​(boolean payloads)
        Sets whether to return the payloads for each term or skip.
      • setTermStatistics

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setTermStatistics​(boolean termStatistics)
        Sets whether to return the term statistics for each term in the shard or skip.
      • setFieldStatistics

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setFieldStatistics​(boolean fieldStatistics)
        Sets whether to return the field statistics for each term in the shard or skip.
      • setSelectedFields

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setSelectedFields​(java.lang.String... fields)
        Sets whether to return only term vectors for special selected fields. Returns the term vectors for all fields if selectedFields == null
      • setRealtime

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setRealtime​(boolean realtime)
        Sets whether term vectors are generated real-time.
      • setPerFieldAnalyzer

        public TermVectorsRequestBuilder setPerFieldAnalyzer​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> perFieldAnalyzer)
        Sets the analyzer used at each field when generating term vectors.