Class ClusterAllocationExplainRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClusterAllocationExplainRequest

        public ClusterAllocationExplainRequest()
        Create a new allocation explain request to explain any unassigned shard in the cluster.
      • ClusterAllocationExplainRequest

        public ClusterAllocationExplainRequest​(StreamInput in)
    • Method Detail

      • useAnyUnassignedShard

        public boolean useAnyUnassignedShard()
        Returns true iff the first unassigned shard is to be used
      • getIndex

        public java.lang.String getIndex()
        Returns the index name of the shard to explain, or null to use any unassigned shard (see useAnyUnassignedShard()).
      • getShard

        public java.lang.Integer getShard()
        Returns the shard id of the shard to explain, or null to use any unassigned shard (see useAnyUnassignedShard()).
      • setPrimary

        public ClusterAllocationExplainRequest setPrimary​(java.lang.Boolean primary)
        Sets whether to explain the allocation of the primary shard or a replica shard copy for the shard id (see getShard()).
      • isPrimary

        public java.lang.Boolean isPrimary()
        Returns true if explaining the primary shard for the shard id (see getShard()), false if explaining a replica shard copy for the shard id, or null to use any unassigned shard (see useAnyUnassignedShard()).
      • setCurrentNode

        public ClusterAllocationExplainRequest setCurrentNode​(java.lang.String currentNodeId)
        Requests the explain API to explain an already assigned replica shard currently allocated to the given node.
      • getCurrentNode

        public java.lang.String getCurrentNode()
        Returns the node holding the replica shard to be explained. Returns null if any replica shard can be explained.
      • includeYesDecisions

        public void includeYesDecisions​(boolean includeYesDecisions)
        Set to true to include yes decisions for a particular node.
      • includeYesDecisions

        public boolean includeYesDecisions()
        Returns true if yes decisions should be included. Otherwise only "no" and "throttle" decisions are returned.
      • includeDiskInfo

        public void includeDiskInfo​(boolean includeDiskInfo)
        Set to true to include information about the gathered disk information of nodes in the cluster.
      • includeDiskInfo

        public boolean includeDiskInfo()
        Returns true if information about disk usage and shard sizes should also be returned.
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
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