Class MultiTermVectorsResponse.Failure

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Failure​(java.lang.String index, java.lang.String type, java.lang.String id, java.lang.Exception cause)  
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method Description
      java.lang.Exception getCause()
      The failure cause.
      java.lang.String getId()
      The id of the action.
      java.lang.String getIndex()
      The index name of the action.
      java.lang.String getType()
      Types are in the process of being removed.
      static MultiTermVectorsResponse.Failure readFailure​(StreamInput in)  
      void readFrom​(StreamInput in)
      Set this object's fields from a StreamInput.
      void writeTo​(StreamOutput out)
      Write this object's fields to a StreamOutput.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Failure

        public Failure​(java.lang.String index,
                       java.lang.String type,
                       java.lang.String id,
                       java.lang.Exception cause)
    • Method Detail

      • getIndex

        public java.lang.String getIndex()
        The index name of the action.
      • getType

        public java.lang.String getType()
        Types are in the process of being removed.
        The type of the action.
      • getId

        public java.lang.String getId()
        The id of the action.
      • getCause

        public java.lang.Exception getCause()
        The failure cause.