Class InFlightShardSnapshotStates


public final class InFlightShardSnapshotStates extends Object
Holds information about currently in-flight shard level snapshot or clone operations on a per-shard level. Concretely, this means information on which shards are actively being written to in the repository currently as well as the latest written shard generation per shard in case there is a shard generation for a shard that has been cleanly written out to the repository but not yet made part of the current RepositoryData through a snapshot finalization.
  • Method Details

    • forEntries

      public static InFlightShardSnapshotStates forEntries(List<SnapshotsInProgress.Entry> snapshots)
      Compute information about all shard ids that currently have in-flight state for the given repository.
      snapshots - snapshots in progress for a single repository
      in flight shard states for all snapshot operations