Class ProcessProbe


public class ProcessProbe extends Object
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static ProcessProbe getInstance()
    • getMaxFileDescriptorCount

      public long getMaxFileDescriptorCount()
      Returns the maximum number of file descriptors allowed on the system, or -1 if not supported.
    • getOpenFileDescriptorCount

      public long getOpenFileDescriptorCount()
      Returns the number of opened file descriptors associated with the current process, or -1 if not supported.
    • getProcessCpuPercent

      public short getProcessCpuPercent()
      Returns the process CPU usage in percent
    • getProcessCpuTotalTime

      public long getProcessCpuTotalTime()
      Returns the CPU time (in milliseconds) used by the process on which the Java virtual machine is running, or -1 if not supported.
    • getTotalVirtualMemorySize

      public long getTotalVirtualMemorySize()
      Returns the size (in bytes) of virtual memory that is guaranteed to be available to the running process
    • processInfo

      public ProcessInfo processInfo(long refreshInterval)
    • processStats

      public ProcessStats processStats()