Class ParsedQuery


public class ParsedQuery extends Object
The result of parsing a query.
  • Constructor Details

    • ParsedQuery

      public ParsedQuery( query, Map<String,> namedFilters)
      Store the query and filters.
      query - the query
      namedFilters - an immutable Map containing the named filters. Good callers use emptyMap or unmodifiableMap and copy the source to make sure this is immutable.
    • ParsedQuery

      public ParsedQuery( query, ParsedQuery parsedQuery)
    • ParsedQuery

      public ParsedQuery( query)
  • Method Details

    • query

      public query()
      The query parsed.
    • namedFilters

      public Map<String,> namedFilters()
    • parsedMatchAllQuery

      public static ParsedQuery parsedMatchAllQuery()