Class SingleObjectCache<T>


public abstract class SingleObjectCache<T> extends Object
A very simple single object cache that allows non-blocking refresh calls triggered by expiry time.
  • Field Details

    • lastRefreshTimestamp

      protected long lastRefreshTimestamp
  • Constructor Details

    • SingleObjectCache

      protected SingleObjectCache(TimeValue refreshInterval, T initialValue)
  • Method Details

    • getOrRefresh

      public T getOrRefresh()
      Returns the currently cached object and potentially refreshes the cache before returning.
    • getNoRefresh

      protected final T getNoRefresh()
      Return the potentially stale cached entry.
    • refresh

      protected abstract T refresh()
      Returns a new instance to cache
    • needsRefresh

      protected boolean needsRefresh()
      Returns true iff the cache needs to be refreshed.