Class AbstractRecyclerC<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class AbstractRecyclerC<T> extends Object implements Recycler.C<T>
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractRecyclerC

      public AbstractRecyclerC()
  • Method Details

    • newInstance

      public abstract T newInstance()
      Description copied from interface: Recycler.C
      Create a new empty instance of the given size.
      Specified by:
      newInstance in interface Recycler.C<T>
    • recycle

      public abstract void recycle(T value)
      Description copied from interface: Recycler.C
      Recycle the data. This operation is called when the data structure is released.
      Specified by:
      recycle in interface Recycler.C<T>
    • destroy

      public void destroy(T value)
      Description copied from interface: Recycler.C
      Destroy the data. This operation allows the data structure to release any internal resources before GC.
      Specified by:
      destroy in interface Recycler.C<T>