Class ValidationException

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Direct Known Subclasses:
ActionRequestValidationException, QueryValidationException

public class ValidationException extends IllegalArgumentException
Encapsulates an accumulation of validation errors
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  • Constructor Details

    • ValidationException

      public ValidationException()
    • ValidationException

      public ValidationException(Throwable cause)
  • Method Details

    • addValidationError

      public final ValidationException addValidationError(String error)
      Add a new validation error to the accumulating validation errors
      error - the error to add
    • addValidationErrors

      public final ValidationException addValidationErrors(Iterable<String> errors)
      Add a sequence of validation errors to the accumulating validation errors
      errors - the errors to add
    • validationErrors

      public final List<String> validationErrors()
      Returns the validation errors accumulated
    • getMessage

      public final String getMessage()
      getMessage in class Throwable