Class PidFile


public final class PidFile extends Object
Process ID file abstraction that writes the current pid into a file and optionally removes it on system exit.
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static PidFile create(Path path, boolean deleteOnExit) throws IOException
      Creates a new PidFile and writes the current process ID into the provided path
      path - the path to the pid file. The file is newly created or truncated if it already exists
      deleteOnExit - if true the pid file is deleted with best effort on system exit
      IOException - if an IOException occurs
    • getPid

      public long getPid()
      Returns the current process id
    • getPath

      public Path getPath()
      Returns the process id file path
    • isDeleteOnExit

      public boolean isDeleteOnExit()
      Returns true iff the process id file is deleted on system exit. Otherwise false.