Class LocalTimeOffset.Overlap

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public static class LocalTimeOffset.Overlap extends LocalTimeOffset.Transition
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    • localToUtc

      public long localToUtc(long localMillis, LocalTimeOffset.Strategy strat)
      Description copied from class: LocalTimeOffset
      Convert a local time that occurs during this offset or a previous offset to utc, providing a strategy for how to resolve "funny" cases. You can use this if you've converted from utc to local, rounded down, and then want to convert back to utc and you need fine control over how to handle the "funny" edges.

      This will not help you if you must convert a local time that you've rounded up. For that you are on your own. May God have mercy on your soul.

      Specified by:
      localToUtc in class LocalTimeOffset
    • firstNonOverlappingLocalTime

      public long firstNonOverlappingLocalTime()
      The first local time after the overlap stops.
    • firstOverlappingLocalTime

      public long firstOverlappingLocalTime()
      The first local time to be appear twice.
    • anyMoveBackToPreviousDay

      protected boolean anyMoveBackToPreviousDay()
      Description copied from class: LocalTimeOffset
      Does this transition or any previous transitions move back to the previous day? See LocalTimeOffset.Lookup.anyMoveBackToPreviousDay() for rules.
      Specified by:
      anyMoveBackToPreviousDay in class LocalTimeOffset
    • toString

      protected String toString(long millis)
      Specified by:
      toString in class LocalTimeOffset