Class IndexGraveyard.Builder

Enclosing class:

public static final class IndexGraveyard.Builder extends Object
A class to build an IndexGraveyard.
  • Method Details

    • tombstones

      public List<IndexGraveyard.Tombstone> tombstones()
      A copy of the current tombstones in the builder.
    • addTombstone

      public IndexGraveyard.Builder addTombstone(Index index)
      Add a deleted index to the list of tombstones in the cluster state.
    • addTombstones

      public IndexGraveyard.Builder addTombstones(Collection<Index> indices)
      Add a set of deleted indexes to the list of tombstones in the cluster state.
    • getNumPurged

      public int getNumPurged()
      Get the number of tombstones that were purged. This should *only* be called after build() has been called.
    • build

      public IndexGraveyard build()
    • build

      public IndexGraveyard build(Settings settings)