Class ActionFilter.Simple

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public abstract static class ActionFilter.Simple extends Object implements ActionFilter
A simple base class for injectable action filters that spares the implementation from handling the filter chain. This base class should serve any action filter implementations that doesn't require to apply async filtering logic.
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    • Simple

      public Simple()
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    • apply

      public final <Request extends ActionRequest, Response extends ActionResponse> void apply(Task task, String action, Request request, ActionListener<Response> listener, ActionFilterChain<Request,Response> chain)
      Description copied from interface: ActionFilter
      Enables filtering the execution of an action on the request side, either by sending a response through the ActionListener or by continuing the execution through the given chain
      Specified by:
      apply in interface ActionFilter
    • apply

      protected abstract boolean apply(String action, ActionRequest request, ActionListener<?> listener)
      Applies this filter and returns true if the execution chain should proceed, or false if it should be aborted since the filter already handled the request and called the given listener.