Class RestActionListener<Response>

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DispatchingRestToXContentListener, RestResponseListener

public abstract class RestActionListener<Response> extends Object implements ActionListener<Response>
An action listener that requires processResponse(Object) to be implemented and will automatically handle failures.
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    • RestActionListener

      protected RestActionListener(RestChannel channel)
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    • onResponse

      public final void onResponse(Response response)
      Description copied from interface: ActionListener
      Handle action response. This response may constitute a failure or a success but it is up to the listener to make that decision.
      Specified by:
      onResponse in interface ActionListener<Response>
    • processResponse

      protected abstract void processResponse(Response response) throws Exception
    • ensureOpen

      protected void ensureOpen()
    • onFailure

      public final void onFailure(Exception e)
      Description copied from interface: ActionListener
      A failure caused by an exception at some phase of the task.
      Specified by:
      onFailure in interface ActionListener<Response>