Interface ShutdownAwarePlugin

public interface ShutdownAwarePlugin
A ShutdownAwarePlugin is a plugin that can be made aware of a shutdown. It comprises two parts, one part used for telling plugins that a set of nodes are going to be shut down (signalShutdown(Collection)), the other for retrieving the status of those plugins as to whether it is safe to shut down (safeToShutdown(String, SingleNodeShutdownMetadata.Type)
  • Method Details

    • safeToShutdown

      boolean safeToShutdown(String nodeId, SingleNodeShutdownMetadata.Type shutdownType)
      Whether the plugin is considered safe to shut down. This method is called when the status of a shutdown is retrieved via the API, and it is only called on the master node.
    • signalShutdown

      void signalShutdown(Collection<String> shutdownNodeIds)
      A trigger to notify the plugin that a shutdown for the nodes has been triggered. This method will be called on every node for each cluster state, so it should return quickly.