Class PathTrie<T>


public class PathTrie<T> extends Object
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  • Method Details

    • insert

      public void insert(String path, T value)
    • insertOrUpdate

      public void insertOrUpdate(String path, T value, BiFunction<T,T,T> updater)
      Insert a value for the given path. If the path already exists, replace the value with:
       value = updater.apply(oldValue, newValue);
      allowing the value to be updated if desired.
    • retrieve

      public T retrieve(String path)
    • retrieve

      public T retrieve(String path, Map<String,String> params)
    • retrieve

      public T retrieve(String path, Map<String,String> params, org.elasticsearch.common.path.PathTrie.TrieMatchingMode trieMatchingMode)
    • retrieveAll

      public Iterator<T> retrieveAll(String path, Supplier<Map<String,String>> paramSupplier)
      Returns an iterator of the objects stored in the PathTrie, using all possible TrieMatchingMode modes. The paramSupplier is called between each invocation of next() to supply a new map of parameters.