Class UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest extends IndicesClusterStateUpdateRequest<UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest>
Cluster state update request that allows to update settings for some indices
  • Constructor Details

    • UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest

      public UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest()
  • Method Details

    • isPreserveExisting

      public boolean isPreserveExisting()
      Returns true iff the settings update should only add but not update settings. If the setting already exists it should not be overwritten by this update. The default is false
    • setPreserveExisting

      public UpdateSettingsClusterStateUpdateRequest setPreserveExisting(boolean preserveExisting)
      Iff set to true this settings update will only add settings not already set on an index. Existing settings remain unchanged.
    • settings

      public Settings settings()
      Returns the Settings to update
    • settings

      Sets the Settings to update