server 7.17.21 API

A distributed RESTful search engine.
Actions that Elasticsearch can take either on the data stored on disk or on other nodes.
Create index action.
Dangling indices are indices that exist on disk on one or more nodes but which do not currently exist in the cluster state.
Delete index action.
Flush index/indices action.
Force merge index/indices action.
Put Mapping Action.
Refresh index/indices action.
Validate action.
Delete action.
Explain action.
Get action.
Index action.
Search action.
Get the term vector for a specific document.
The client module allowing to easily perform actions/operations.
Google Guice (pronounced "juice") is an ultra-lightweight dependency injection framework.
Extension for combining factory interfaces with injection; this extension requires guice-jndi-2.0.jar.
Interfaces which make up Binder's expression language.
Guice (sounds like like "juice")
Used for matching things.
Extension for binding multiple instances in a collection; this extension requires guice-multibindings-2.0.jar.
Support for binding to string-based names.
Guice service provider interface
Helper methods for working with Guice.
Classes for streaming objects from one Elasticsearch node to another over its binary internode protocol.
Settings based utility.
This package contains the logic for the recovery functionality.
Monitors the Elasticsearch process and the system on which it is running so that metrics can be exposed via an HTTP or transport APIs to be logged and graphed.
Allow to build a Node which is a node within the cluster.
The Persistent Tasks Executors are responsible for executing restartable tasks that can survive disappearance of a coordinating and executor nodes.
Support for extending Elasticsearch by providing java code that is loaded by a child classloader.
This package contains interfaces for services provided by Elasticsearch plugins to external applications like the Java High Level Rest Client.
Repositories of snapshot/restore information.
This package exposes the blobstore repository used by Elasticsearch Snapshots.
Exposes Elasticsearch functionality over RESTful HTTP.
RestHandlers that translate requests from REST into internal requests and start them then wait for them to complete and then translate them back into REST.
RestHandlers for administrative actions that can be taken on the cluster as a whole like getting the listing tasks, adding repositories, and getting stats.
RestHandlers for managing dangling indices.
RestHandlers for administrative actions that can be taken on indexes like creation, deletion, setting up aliases, and changing mapping.
RestHandlers for actions that spit out tables of results.
RestHandlers for actions that can be taken on documents like index, update, get, and delete.
RestHandlers that manage ingest pipelines.
RestHandlers for search actions like search, scroll, and suggest.
Support for running user provided scripts (in the request, in cluster state, etc) in portions of various requests (FunctionScoreQuery, Aggregation, UpdateAction, etc).
Histogram module for different bucket specifications used in aggregation.
Aggregations module
Search phase that fetches the top hits from the shards after the results of the query phase have been merged.
Built in FetchSubPhases like matched queries and fetching _source.
Fetch sub phase that extracts significant portions of string fields, marking the matches.
Profiling for portions of the search request.
Profiles the aggregation portion of a search request.
Profiles the query portion of a search request.
Support for suggesting alternate queries.
Suggests alternate queries by fancy prefix matching.
Support for limiting the completion suggesters results to within a "context" like a geographic location or a category.
Suggests alternate queries by breaking the query into terms and suggesting terms that are frequently found together.
Suggests alternate queries by breaking the query into terms and suggesting more popular terms.
This package exposes the Elasticsearch Snapshot functionality.
Support for viewing and modifying in flight actions (Tasks) and saving their results to an index.