Class AbstractInternalProfileTree<PB extends AbstractProfileBreakdown<?>,E>

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public abstract class AbstractInternalProfileTree<PB extends AbstractProfileBreakdown<?>,E> extends Object
  • Field Details

    • breakdowns

      protected ArrayList<PB extends AbstractProfileBreakdown<?>> breakdowns
    • tree

      protected ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> tree
      Maps the Query to it's list of children. This is basically the dependency tree
    • elements

      protected ArrayList<E> elements
      A list of the original queries, keyed by index position
    • roots

      protected ArrayList<Integer> roots
      A list of top-level "roots". Each root can have its own tree of profiles
    • stack

      protected Deque<Integer> stack
      A temporary stack used to record where we are in the dependency tree.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractInternalProfileTree

      public AbstractInternalProfileTree()
  • Method Details

    • getProfileBreakdown

      public PB getProfileBreakdown(E query)
      Returns a QueryProfileBreakdown for a scoring query. Scoring queries (e.g. those that are past the rewrite phase and are now being wrapped by createWeight() ) follow a recursive progression. We can track the dependency tree by a simple stack The only hiccup is that the first scoring query will be identical to the last rewritten query, so we need to take special care to fix that
      query - The scoring query we wish to profile
      A ProfileBreakdown for this query
    • createProfileBreakdown

      protected abstract PB createProfileBreakdown()
    • pollLast

      public void pollLast()
      Removes the last (e.g. most recent) value on the stack
    • getTree

      public List<ProfileResult> getTree()
      After the element has been run and profiled, we need to merge the flat timing map with the dependency graph to build a data structure that mirrors the original query tree
      a hierarchical representation of the profiled query tree
    • getTypeFromElement

      protected abstract String getTypeFromElement(E element)
    • getDescriptionFromElement

      protected abstract String getDescriptionFromElement(E element)