Class SearchLookup


public class SearchLookup extends Object
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    • forkAndTrackFieldReferences

      public final SearchLookup forkAndTrackFieldReferences(String field)
      Creates a copy of the current SearchLookup that looks fields up in the same way, but also tracks field references in order to detect cycles and prevent resolving fields that depend on more than MAX_FIELD_CHAIN_DEPTH other fields.
      field - the field being referred to, for which fielddata needs to be loaded
      the new lookup
      IllegalArgumentException - if a cycle is detected in the fields required to build doc values, or if the field being resolved depends on more than MAX_FIELD_CHAIN_DEPTH
    • getLeafSearchLookup

      public LeafSearchLookup getLeafSearchLookup(org.apache.lucene.index.LeafReaderContext context)
    • fieldType

      public MappedFieldType fieldType(String fieldName)
    • getForField

      public IndexFieldData<?> getForField(MappedFieldType fieldType)
    • source

      public SourceLookup source()