Class AbstractFieldScript

Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractLongFieldScript, BooleanFieldScript, CompositeFieldScript, DoubleFieldScript, IpFieldScript, StringFieldScript

public abstract class AbstractFieldScript extends DocBasedScript
Abstract base for scripts to execute to build scripted fields. Inspired by AggregationScript but hopefully with less historical baggage.
  • Field Details


      public static final int MAX_VALUES
      The maximum number of values a script should be allowed to emit.
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    • fieldName

      protected final String fieldName
    • sourceLookup

      protected final SourceLookup sourceLookup
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractFieldScript

      public AbstractFieldScript(String fieldName, Map<String,Object> params, SearchLookup searchLookup, org.apache.lucene.index.LeafReaderContext ctx)
  • Method Details

    • getParams

      public final Map<String,Object> getParams()
      Expose the params of the script to the script itself.
    • extractFromSource

      protected List<Object> extractFromSource(String path)
    • emitFromCompositeScript

      protected final void emitFromCompositeScript(CompositeFieldScript compositeFieldScript)
    • emitFromObject

      protected abstract void emitFromObject(Object v)
    • emitFromSource

      protected final void emitFromSource()
    • checkMaxSize

      protected final void checkMaxSize(int currentSize)
      Check if the we can add another value to the list of values.
      currentSize - the current size of the list
    • execute

      public abstract void execute()