Class RepositoryData


public final class RepositoryData extends Object
A class that represents the data in a repository, as captured in the repository's index blob.
  • Field Details


      public static final long EMPTY_REPO_GEN
      The generation value indicating the repository has no index generational files.
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      public static final long UNKNOWN_REPO_GEN
      The generation value indicating that the repository generation is unknown.
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      public static final long CORRUPTED_REPO_GEN
      The generation value indicating that the repository generation could not be determined.
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      public static final String MISSING_UUID
      Sentinel value for the repository UUID indicating that it is not set.
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    • EMPTY

      public static final RepositoryData EMPTY
      An instance initialized for an empty repository.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • copy

      protected RepositoryData copy()
    • withoutShardGenerations

      public RepositoryData withoutShardGenerations()
      Creates a copy of this instance that does not track any shard generations.
      repository data with empty shard generations
    • withExtraDetails

      public RepositoryData withExtraDetails(Map<SnapshotId,RepositoryData.SnapshotDetails> extraDetails)
      Creates a copy of this instance that contains additional details read from the per-snapshot metadata blobs
      extraDetails - map of snapshot details
      copy with updated version data
    • shardGenerations

      public ShardGenerations shardGenerations()
    • getUuid

      public String getUuid()
      The UUID of this repository, or MISSING_UUID if this repository has no UUID because it still supports access from versions earlier than SnapshotsService.UUIDS_IN_REPO_DATA_VERSION.
    • getClusterUUID

      public String getClusterUUID()
      the cluster UUID of the cluster that wrote this instance to the repository or MISSING_UUID if this instance was written by a cluster older than SnapshotsService.UUIDS_IN_REPO_DATA_VERSION.
    • getGenId

      public long getGenId()
      Gets the generational index file id from which this instance was read.
    • getSnapshotIds

      public Collection<SnapshotId> getSnapshotIds()
      Returns an unmodifiable collection of the snapshot ids.
    • hasMissingDetails

      public boolean hasMissingDetails(SnapshotId snapshotId)
      whether some of the RepositoryData.SnapshotDetails of the given snapshot are missing, due to BwC, so that they must be loaded from the SnapshotInfo blob instead.
    • getSnapshotDetails

      @Nullable public RepositoryData.SnapshotDetails getSnapshotDetails(SnapshotId snapshotId)
      Returns the RepositoryData.SnapshotDetails for the given snapshot. Returns null if there are no details for the snapshot.
    • getSnapshotState

      @Nullable public SnapshotState getSnapshotState(SnapshotId snapshotId)
      Returns the SnapshotState for the given snapshot. Returns null if there is no state for the snapshot.
    • getVersion

      @Nullable public Version getVersion(SnapshotId snapshotId)
      Returns the Version for the given snapshot or null if unknown.
    • getIndices

      public Map<String,IndexId> getIndices()
      Returns an unmodifiable map of the index names to IndexId in the repository.
    • indicesToUpdateAfterRemovingSnapshot

      public List<IndexId> indicesToUpdateAfterRemovingSnapshot(Collection<SnapshotId> snapshotIds)
      Returns the list of IndexId that have their snapshots updated but not removed (because they are still referenced by other snapshots) after removing the given snapshot from the repository.
      snapshotIds - SnapshotId to remove
      List of indices that are changed but not removed
    • indexMetaDataToRemoveAfterRemovingSnapshots

      public Map<IndexId,Collection<String>> indexMetaDataToRemoveAfterRemovingSnapshots(Collection<SnapshotId> snapshotIds)
      Returns a map of IndexId to a collection of String containing all the IndexId and the IndexMetadata blob name in it that can be removed after removing the given snapshot from the repository. NOTE: Does not return a mapping for IndexId values that will be removed completely from the repository.
      snapshotIds - SnapshotIds to remove
      map of index to index metadata blob id to delete
    • addSnapshot

      public RepositoryData addSnapshot(SnapshotId snapshotId, RepositoryData.SnapshotDetails details, ShardGenerations shardGenerations, @Nullable Map<IndexId,String> indexMetaBlobs, @Nullable Map<String,String> newIdentifiers)
      Add a snapshot and its indices to the repository; returns a new instance. If the snapshot already exists in the repository data, this method throws an IllegalArgumentException.
      snapshotId - Id of the new snapshot
      details - Details of the new snapshot
      shardGenerations - Updated shard generations in the new snapshot. For each index contained in the snapshot an array of new generations indexed by the shard id they correspond to must be supplied.
      indexMetaBlobs - Map of index metadata blob uuids
      newIdentifiers - Map of new index metadata blob uuids keyed by the identifiers of the IndexMetadata in them
    • withGenId

      public RepositoryData withGenId(long newGeneration)
      Create a new instance with the given generation and all other fields equal to this instance.
      newGeneration - New Generation
      New instance
    • withoutUUIDs

      public RepositoryData withoutUUIDs()
      For test purposes, make a copy of this instance with the cluster- and repository UUIDs removed and all other fields unchanged, as if from an older version.
    • withClusterUuid

      public RepositoryData withClusterUuid(String clusterUUID)
    • removeSnapshots

      public RepositoryData removeSnapshots(Collection<SnapshotId> snapshots, ShardGenerations updatedShardGenerations)
      Remove snapshots and remove any indices that no longer exist in the repository due to the deletion of the snapshots.
      snapshots - Snapshot ids to remove
      updatedShardGenerations - Shard generations that changed as a result of removing the snapshot. The String[] passed for each IndexId contains the new shard generation id for each changed shard indexed by its shardId
    • getSnapshots

      public List<SnapshotId> getSnapshots(IndexId indexId)
      Returns an immutable collection of the snapshot ids for the snapshots that contain the given index.
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • resolveIndexId

      public IndexId resolveIndexId(String indexName)
      Resolve the index name to the index id specific to the repository, throwing an exception if the index could not be resolved.
    • resolveIndices

      public Map<String,IndexId> resolveIndices(List<String> indices)
      Resolve the given index names to index ids.
    • hasIndex

      public boolean hasIndex(String indexName)
      Checks if any snapshot in this repository contains the specified index in indexName
    • resolveNewIndices

      public Map<String,IndexId> resolveNewIndices(List<String> indicesToResolve, Map<String,IndexId> inFlightIds)
      Resolve the given index names to index ids, creating new index ids for new indices in the repository.
      indicesToResolve - names of indices to resolve
      inFlightIds - name to index mapping for currently in-flight snapshots not yet in the repository data to fall back to
    • snapshotsToXContent

      public XContentBuilder snapshotsToXContent(XContentBuilder builder, Version repoMetaVersion) throws IOException
      Writes the snapshots metadata and the related indices metadata to x-content.
    • snapshotsToXContent

      public XContentBuilder snapshotsToXContent(XContentBuilder builder, Version repoMetaVersion, boolean permitMissingUuid) throws IOException
      Writes the snapshots metadata and the related indices metadata to x-content.
      permitMissingUuid - indicates whether we permit the repository- and cluster UUIDs to be missing, e.g. we are serializing for the in-memory cache or running tests
    • indexMetaDataGenerations

      public IndexMetaDataGenerations indexMetaDataGenerations()
    • snapshotsFromXContent

      public static RepositoryData snapshotsFromXContent(XContentParser parser, long genId, boolean fixBrokenShardGens) throws IOException
      Reads an instance of RepositoryData from x-content, loading the snapshots and indices metadata.
      fixBrokenShardGens - set to true to filter out broken shard generations read from the parser via ShardGenerations.fixShardGeneration(org.elasticsearch.repositories.ShardGeneration). Used to disable fixing broken generations when reading from cached bytes that we trust to not contain broken generations.