Class FinalizeSnapshotContext

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public final class FinalizeSnapshotContext extends ActionListener.Delegating<Tuple<RepositoryData,SnapshotInfo>,Tuple<RepositoryData,SnapshotInfo>>
Context for finalizing a snapshot.
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    • FinalizeSnapshotContext

      public FinalizeSnapshotContext(ShardGenerations updatedShardGenerations, long repositoryStateId, Metadata clusterMetadata, SnapshotInfo snapshotInfo, Version repositoryMetaVersion, ActionListener<Tuple<RepositoryData,SnapshotInfo>> listener)
      updatedShardGenerations - updated shard generations
      repositoryStateId - the unique id identifying the state of the repository when the snapshot began
      clusterMetadata - cluster metadata
      snapshotInfo - SnapshotInfo instance to write for this snapshot
      repositoryMetaVersion - version of the updated repository metadata to write
      listener - listener to be invoked with the new RepositoryData and SnapshotInfo after completing the snapshot
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