Class JvmInfo

All Implemented Interfaces:
Writeable, ReportingService.Info, ToXContent

public class JvmInfo extends Object implements ReportingService.Info
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  • Method Details

    • jvmInfo

      public static JvmInfo jvmInfo()
    • writeTo

      public void writeTo(StreamOutput out) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: Writeable
      Write this into the StreamOutput.
      Specified by:
      writeTo in interface Writeable
    • pid

      public long pid()
      The process id.
    • getPid

      public long getPid()
      The process id.
    • version

      public String version()
    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
    • versionUpdatePack

      public int versionUpdatePack()
    • getVmName

      public String getVmName()
    • getVmVersion

      public String getVmVersion()
    • getVmVendor

      public String getVmVendor()
    • getBundledJdk

      public boolean getBundledJdk()
    • getUsingBundledJdk

      public Boolean getUsingBundledJdk()
    • getStartTime

      public long getStartTime()
    • getMem

      public JvmInfo.Mem getMem()
    • getInputArguments

      public String[] getInputArguments()
    • getBootClassPath

      public String getBootClassPath()
    • getClassPath

      public String getClassPath()
    • getSystemProperties

      public Map<String,String> getSystemProperties()
    • getConfiguredInitialHeapSize

      public long getConfiguredInitialHeapSize()
    • getConfiguredMaxHeapSize

      public long getConfiguredMaxHeapSize()
    • onError

      public String onError()
    • onOutOfMemoryError

      public String onOutOfMemoryError()
    • useCompressedOops

      public String useCompressedOops()
      The value of the JVM flag UseCompressedOops, if available otherwise "unknown". The value "unknown" indicates that an attempt was made to obtain the value of the flag on this JVM and the attempt failed.
      the value of the JVM flag UseCompressedOops or "unknown"
    • useG1GC

      public String useG1GC()
    • useSerialGC

      public String useSerialGC()
    • getG1RegionSize

      public long getG1RegionSize()
    • getGcCollectors

      public String[] getGcCollectors()
    • getMemoryPools

      public String[] getMemoryPools()
    • toXContent

      public XContentBuilder toXContent(XContentBuilder builder, ToXContent.Params params) throws IOException
      Specified by:
      toXContent in interface ToXContent