Interface ValueSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
ValueSource.ByteValue, ValueSource.ListValue, ValueSource.MapValue, ValueSource.ObjectValue, ValueSource.TemplatedValue

public interface ValueSource
Holds a value. If the value is requested a copy is made and optionally template snippets are resolved too.
  • Method Details

    • copyAndResolve

      Object copyAndResolve(Map<String,Object> model)
      Returns a copy of the value this ValueSource holds and resolves templates if there're any. For immutable values only a copy of the reference to the value is made.
      model - The model to be used when resolving any templates
      copy of the wrapped value
    • wrap

      static ValueSource wrap(Object value, ScriptService scriptService)
    • wrap

      static ValueSource wrap(Object value, ScriptService scriptService, Map<String,String> scriptOptions)