Class FlattenedFieldMapper.KeyedFlattenedFieldData

All Implemented Interfaces:
IndexFieldData<LeafOrdinalsFieldData>, IndexFieldData.Global<LeafOrdinalsFieldData>, IndexOrdinalsFieldData
Enclosing class:

public static class FlattenedFieldMapper.KeyedFlattenedFieldData extends Object implements IndexOrdinalsFieldData
A field data implementation that gives access to the values associated with a particular JSON key. This class wraps the field data that is built directly on the keyed flattened field, and filters out values whose prefix doesn't match the requested key. Loading and caching is fully delegated to the wrapped field data, so that different FlattenedFieldMapper.KeyedFlattenedFieldData for the same flattened field share the same global ordinals. Because of the code-level complexity it would introduce, it is currently not possible to retrieve the underlying global ordinals map through getOrdinalMap().