Class AsyncShardFetch.FetchResult<T extends BaseNodeResponse>

Enclosing class:
AsyncShardFetch<T extends BaseNodeResponse>

public static class AsyncShardFetch.FetchResult<T extends BaseNodeResponse> extends Object
The result of a fetch operation. Make sure to first check hasData() before fetching the actual data.
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    • hasData

      public boolean hasData()
      Does the result actually contain data? If not, then there are on going fetch operations happening, and it should wait for it.
    • getData

      public Map<DiscoveryNode,T> getData()
      Returns the actual data, note, make sure to check hasData() first and only use this when there is an actual data.
    • processAllocation

      public void processAllocation(RoutingAllocation allocation)
      Process any changes needed to the allocation based on this fetch result.