Class Setting.AffixSetting<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ToXContent, ToXContentObject
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public static class Setting.AffixSetting<T> extends Setting<T>
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    • getDependencies

      public Set<Setting.AffixSettingDependency> getDependencies()
      Get the raw list of dependencies. This method is exposed for testing purposes and getSettingsDependencies(String) should be preferred for most all cases.
      the raw list of dependencies for this setting
    • getSettingsDependencies

      public Set<Setting.SettingDependency> getSettingsDependencies(String settingsKey)
      Description copied from class: Setting
      Returns a set of settings that are required at validation time. Unless all of the dependencies are present in the settings object validation of setting must fail.
      getSettingsDependencies in class Setting<T>
    • get

      public T get(Settings settings)
      Description copied from class: Setting
      Returns the settings value. If the setting is not present in the given settings object the default value is returned instead.
      get in class Setting<T>
    • innerGetRaw

      public String innerGetRaw(Settings settings)
    • getConcreteSetting

      public Setting<T> getConcreteSetting(String key)
      getConcreteSetting in class Setting<T>
    • getConcreteSettingForNamespace

      public Setting<T> getConcreteSettingForNamespace(String namespace)
      Get a setting with the given namespace filled in for prefix and suffix.
    • diff

      public void diff(Settings.Builder builder, Settings source, Settings defaultSettings)
      Description copied from class: Setting
      Add this setting to the builder if it doesn't exists in the source settings. The value added to the builder is taken from the given default settings object.
      diff in class Setting<T>
      builder - the settings builder to fill the diff into
      source - the source settings object to diff
      defaultSettings - the default settings object to diff against
    • getNamespace

      public String getNamespace(Setting<T> concreteSetting)
      Returns the namespace for a concrete setting. Ie. an affix setting with prefix: search. and suffix: username will return remote as a namespace for the setting cluster.remote.username
    • getAllConcreteSettings

      public Stream<Setting<T>> getAllConcreteSettings(Settings settings)
      Returns a stream of all concrete setting instances for the given settings. AffixSetting is only a specification, concrete settings depend on an actual set of setting keys.
    • getNamespaces

      public Set<String> getNamespaces(Settings settings)
      Returns distinct namespaces for the given settings
    • getAsMap

      public Map<String,T> getAsMap(Settings settings)
      Returns a map of all namespaces to it's values give the provided settings