Enum Class AllocationDecision

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<AllocationDecision>, Constable, Writeable

public enum AllocationDecision extends Enum<AllocationDecision> implements Writeable
An enum which represents the various decision types that can be taken by the allocators and deciders for allocating a shard to a node.
  • Enum Constant Details

    • YES

      public static final AllocationDecision YES
      The shard can be allocated to a node.

      public static final AllocationDecision THROTTLED
      The allocation attempt was throttled for the shard.
    • NO

      public static final AllocationDecision NO
      The shard cannot be allocated, which can happen for any number of reasons, including the allocation deciders gave a NO decision for allocating.

      public static final AllocationDecision WORSE_BALANCE
      The shard could not be rebalanced to another node despite rebalancing being allowed, because moving the shard to the other node would not form a better cluster balance.

      public static final AllocationDecision AWAITING_INFO
      Waiting on getting shard data from all nodes before making a decision about where to allocate the shard.

      public static final AllocationDecision ALLOCATION_DELAYED
      The allocation decision has been delayed waiting for a replica with a shard copy that left the cluster to rejoin.

      public static final AllocationDecision NO_VALID_SHARD_COPY
      The shard was denied allocation because there were no valid shard copies found for it amongst the nodes in the cluster.

      public static final AllocationDecision NO_ATTEMPT
      No attempt was made to allocate the shard
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