Interface RoutingChangesObserver

All Known Implementing Classes:
IndexMetadataUpdater, RestoreService.RestoreInProgressUpdater, RoutingChangesObserver.AbstractRoutingChangesObserver, RoutingChangesObserver.DelegatingRoutingChangesObserver, RoutingNodesChangedObserver

public interface RoutingChangesObserver
Records changes made to RoutingNodes during an allocation round.
  • Method Details

    • shardInitialized

      void shardInitialized(ShardRouting unassignedShard, ShardRouting initializedShard)
      Called when unassigned shard is initialized. Does not include initializing relocation target shards.
    • shardStarted

      void shardStarted(ShardRouting initializingShard, ShardRouting startedShard)
      Called when an initializing shard is started.
    • relocationStarted

      void relocationStarted(ShardRouting startedShard, ShardRouting targetRelocatingShard)
      Called when relocation of a started shard is initiated.
    • unassignedInfoUpdated

      void unassignedInfoUpdated(ShardRouting unassignedShard, UnassignedInfo newUnassignedInfo)
      Called when an unassigned shard's unassigned information was updated
    • shardFailed

      void shardFailed(ShardRouting failedShard, UnassignedInfo unassignedInfo)
      Called when a shard is failed or cancelled.
    • relocationCompleted

      void relocationCompleted(ShardRouting removedRelocationSource)
      Called on relocation source when relocation completes after relocation target is started.
    • relocationSourceRemoved

      void relocationSourceRemoved(ShardRouting removedReplicaRelocationSource)
      Called on replica relocation target when replica relocation source fails. Promotes the replica relocation target to ordinary initializing shard.
    • replicaPromoted

      void replicaPromoted(ShardRouting replicaShard)
      Called when started replica is promoted to primary.
    • initializedReplicaReinitialized

      void initializedReplicaReinitialized(ShardRouting oldReplica, ShardRouting reinitializedReplica)
      Called when an initializing replica is reinitialized. This happens when a primary relocation completes, which reinitializes all currently initializing replicas as their recovery source node changes