Class IndexRoutingTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<IndexShardRoutingTable>, Diffable<IndexRoutingTable>, Writeable

public class IndexRoutingTable extends AbstractDiffable<IndexRoutingTable> implements Iterable<IndexShardRoutingTable>
The IndexRoutingTable represents routing information for a single index. The routing table maintains a list of all shards in the index. A single shard in this context has one more instances namely exactly one primary and 1 or more replicas. In other words, each instance of a shard is considered a replica while only one replica per shard is a primary replica. The primary replica can be seen as the "leader" of the shard acting as the primary entry point for operations on a specific shard.

Note: The term replica is not directly reflected in the routing table or in related classes, replicas are represented as ShardRouting.