Class DelayedAllocationService

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, ClusterStateListener, LifecycleComponent, Releasable

public class DelayedAllocationService extends AbstractLifecycleComponent implements ClusterStateListener
The DelayedAllocationService listens to cluster state changes and checks if there are unassigned shards with delayed allocation (unassigned shards that have the delay marker). These are shards that have become unassigned due to a node leaving and which were assigned the delay marker based on the index delay setting UnassignedInfo.INDEX_DELAYED_NODE_LEFT_TIMEOUT_SETTING (see AllocationService.disassociateDeadNodes(RoutingAllocation). This class is responsible for choosing the next (closest) delay expiration of a delayed shard to schedule a reroute to remove the delay marker. The actual removal of the delay marker happens in AllocationService.removeDelayMarkers(RoutingAllocation), triggering yet another cluster change event.