Class AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand

All Implemented Interfaces:
AllocationCommand, NamedWriteable, Writeable, org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContent, org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContentObject

public class AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand extends BasePrimaryAllocationCommand
Allocates an unassigned empty primary shard to a specific node. Use with extreme care as this will result in data loss. Allocation deciders are ignored.
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    • NAME

      public static final String NAME
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      Constant Field Values

      public static final org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ParseField COMMAND_NAME_FIELD
  • Constructor Details

    • AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand

      public AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand(String index, int shardId, String node, boolean acceptDataLoss)
      shardId - ShardId of the shard to assign
      node - node id of the node to assign the shard to
      acceptDataLoss - whether the user agrees to data loss
    • AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand

      public AllocateEmptyPrimaryAllocationCommand(StreamInput in) throws IOException
      Read from a stream.
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