Class DataStreamAlias

All Implemented Interfaces:
Diffable<DataStreamAlias>, Writeable, org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContent, org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContentFragment

public class DataStreamAlias extends AbstractDiffable<DataStreamAlias> implements org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContentFragment
  • Field Details


      public static final org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ParseField DATA_STREAMS_FIELD

      public static final org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ParseField WRITE_DATA_STREAM_FIELD

      public static final org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ParseField FILTER_FIELD
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    • getName

      public String getName()
      Returns the name of this data stream alias.
    • getDataStreams

      public List<String> getDataStreams()
      Returns the data streams that are referenced
    • getWriteDataStream

      public String getWriteDataStream()
      Returns the write data stream this data stream alias is referring to. Write requests targeting this instance will resolve the write index of the write data stream this alias is referring to. Note that the write data stream is also included in getDataStreams().
    • getFilter

      public CompressedXContent getFilter()
    • update

      public DataStreamAlias update(String dataStream, Boolean isWriteDataStream, Map<String,​Object> filterAsMap)
      Returns a new DataStreamAlias instance with the provided data stream name added to it as a new member. If the provided isWriteDataStream is set to true then the provided data stream is also set as write data stream. If the provided isWriteDataStream is set to false and the provided data stream is also the write data stream of this instance then the returned data stream alias instance's write data stream is unset. If the provided filter is the same as the filter of this alias then this instance isn't updated, otherwise it is updated. The same instance is returned if the attempted addition of the provided data stream didn't change this instance.
    • removeDataStream

      public DataStreamAlias removeDataStream(String dataStream)
      Returns a DataStreamAlias instance based on this instance but with the specified data stream no longer referenced. Returns null if because of the removal of the provided data stream name a new instance wouldn't reference to any data stream. The same instance is returned if the attempted removal of the provided data stream didn't change this instance.
    • intersect

      public DataStreamAlias intersect(Predicate<String> filter)
      Returns a new DataStreamAlias instance that contains a new intersection of data streams from this instance and the provided filter. The write data stream gets set to null in the returned instance if the write data stream no longer appears in the intersection.
    • merge

      public DataStreamAlias merge(DataStreamAlias other)
      Returns a new DataStreamAlias instance containing data streams referenced in this instance and the other instance. If this instance doesn't have a write data stream then the write index of the other data stream becomes the write data stream of the returned instance.
    • renameDataStreams

      public DataStreamAlias renameDataStreams(String renamePattern, String renameReplacement)
      Returns a new instance with potentially renamed data stream names and write data stream name. If a data stream name matches with the provided rename pattern then it is renamed according to the provided rename replacement.
    • readDiffFrom

      public static Diff<DataStreamAlias> readDiffFrom(StreamInput in) throws IOException
    • fromXContent

      public static DataStreamAlias fromXContent(org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.XContentParser parser) throws IOException
    • toXContent

      public org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.XContentBuilder toXContent(org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.XContentBuilder builder, org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContent.Params params) throws IOException
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      toXContent in interface org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ToXContent
    • writeTo

      public void writeTo(StreamOutput out) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: Writeable
      Write this into the StreamOutput.
      Specified by:
      writeTo in interface Writeable
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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    • toString

      public String toString()
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