Class AbstractNamedDiffable<T extends NamedDiffable<T>>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Diffable<T>, NamedWriteable, Writeable
Direct Known Subclasses:
PersistentTasksCustomMetadata, RepositoriesMetadata, RepositoryCleanupInProgress, RestoreInProgress, SnapshotDeletionsInProgress, SnapshotsInProgress

public abstract class AbstractNamedDiffable<T extends NamedDiffable<T>> extends Object implements Diffable<T>, NamedWriteable
Abstract diffable object with simple diffs implementation that sends the entire object if object has changed or nothing is object remained the same. Comparing to AbstractDiffable, this class also works with NamedWriteables
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    • AbstractNamedDiffable

      public AbstractNamedDiffable()
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