Class OriginalIndices

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public final class OriginalIndices extends Object implements IndicesRequest
Used to keep track of original indices within internal (e.g. shard level) requests
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    • OriginalIndices

      public OriginalIndices(IndicesRequest indicesRequest)
    • OriginalIndices

      public OriginalIndices(String[] indices, IndicesOptions indicesOptions)
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    • indices

      public String[] indices()
      Description copied from interface: IndicesRequest
      Returns the array of indices that the action relates to
      Specified by:
      indices in interface IndicesRequest
    • indicesOptions

      public IndicesOptions indicesOptions()
      Description copied from interface: IndicesRequest
      Returns the indices options used to resolve indices. They tell for instance whether a single index is accepted, whether an empty array will be converted to _all, and how wildcards will be expanded if needed.
      Specified by:
      indicesOptions in interface IndicesRequest
    • includeDataStreams

      public boolean includeDataStreams()
      Description copied from interface: IndicesRequest
      Determines whether the request should be applied to data streams. When false, none of the names or wildcard expressions in IndicesRequest.indices() should be applied to or expanded to any data streams. All layers involved in the request's fulfillment including security, name resolution, etc., should respect this flag.
      Specified by:
      includeDataStreams in interface IndicesRequest
    • readOriginalIndices

      public static OriginalIndices readOriginalIndices(StreamInput in) throws IOException
    • writeOriginalIndices

      public static void writeOriginalIndices(OriginalIndices originalIndices, StreamOutput out) throws IOException
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object