Class PipelineAggregator.PipelineTree

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public static class PipelineAggregator.PipelineTree
extends java.lang.Object
Tree of PipelineAggregators to modify a tree of aggregations after their final reduction.
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    • aggregators

      public java.util.List<PipelineAggregator> aggregators()
      The PipelineAggregators for the aggregation at this position in the tree.
    • subTree

      public PipelineAggregator.PipelineTree subTree​(java.lang.String name)
      Get the sub-tree at for the named sub-aggregation or EMPTY if there are no pipeline aggragations for that sub-aggregator.
    • hasSubTrees

      public boolean hasSubTrees()
      Return true if this node in the tree has any subtrees.
    • toString

      public java.lang.String toString()
      toString in class java.lang.Object