Class SearchPlugin.SearchExtensionSpec<W extends NamedWriteable,​P>

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchExtensionSpec

        public SearchExtensionSpec​(java.lang.String name,
                                   Writeable.Reader<? extends W> reader,
                                   P parser)
        Build the spec with a String.
        name - the name of the behavior. The parser and the reader are are registered under this name so be sure that that is the name that W's NamedWriteable.getWriteableName() returns.
        reader - reader that reads the behavior from the internode protocol
        parser - parser that read the behavior from a REST request
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public ParseField getName()
        The name of the thing being specified as a ParseField. This allows it to have deprecated names.
      • getReader

        public Writeable.Reader<? extends W> getReader()
        The reader responsible for reading the behavior from the internode protocol.
      • getParser

        public P getParser()
        The parser responsible for converting XContent into the behavior.